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Indoor Swimming Pool 1500 word

Most of the time the family members love to go out and swim especially during summer not just for fun but also for the health benefits they can get. There might also be family members who are swimming enthusiast and are serious with their training. With this kind of scenario, it is best for the homeowner to have their own indoor pool where they can enjoy the coolness of the water whenever they like.

When we compare the outdoor pool to the indoor pool, there are some benefits of having an indoor pool like protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from that, people can still swim with warm water in the pool during cold nights.

Now let us check the 30 Indoor Pools we have gathered, designed by the brilliant designers. Scroll down the page and enjoy the amazing images of indoor pools below.

Most people nowadays avoid rectangular residential indoor pools, as they are too common and boring. If you’re one of them, we recommend you to think about oval/circular shapes, or even squares.

The shape of your pool is very important, both because of space adjustment and uniqueness. Have in mind that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Who’d need a pool he could not use?

People who are determined to make a pool are usually also experienced swimmers, who are aware of safety issues and recommendations. Still, we would recommend you to pay special attention to the surrounding flooring, and to choose something which is practical and comfortable for swimmers, even if it is not so attractive for the eye as marble would be.

The indoor swimming pool is an inclusive part of your home. As simple as that! Sometimes, it proves to be the riskiest area, so compromising on the quality of its construction materials is something you should really avoid. Here, price is not an excuse.

Don’t make the mistake to position the pool in a very dark area. If you can, surround it by windows or skylines and make sure it feels safe both daily and nightly (not even to mention that it will be more relaxing). In case you opted for the basement option, install as much artificial light as you possibly can.

Go for attractive and durable lamps and LED solutions for areas which cannot be accessed easily. The best option is to install ceiling lights, optic cable features, or remotely controlled illumination.

Proper lighting is necessary for safety issues in indoor swimming pools for homes, but have in mind there will be moments when you need muted lighting and cozy atmosphere, so make it adjustable.

Indoor swimming pools carry the risk of humidity and moisture. In order to maintain them you need adequate ventilation filters. This is really easier for ground indoor swimming pools – all it takes is to open the window and let humidity out.

Even if the pool is in a separate area, where there is no view on the exterior, you could connect it with a glass door and let fresh air inside. However, basement pools need special ventilation treatment to push air circulation, and to keep the place pleasant and healthy.

The best thing to do is to hire an expert who knows how to deal with humidity issues. It is not rare for condensation to be a devastating problem for the entire house-sometimes it even caused the roof of the house to collapse.

Think of ladders as the ‘main road’ in and out of the pool-they need to be reachable, solid, and well enlightened. Ladders are especially important for indoor swimming pools.

There is a big chance you’ve underestimated the importance of walls/ceilings in the pool area. There is also a big chance you had in mind to keep the wooden/metal elements inside, thinking there is no way for them to be damaged.

But did you think about humidity? It is not enough to make a pool area beautiful and stylish-you have to make it durable! We’ve all had those moments of seeing an indoor swimming pool design and thinking why the pool area is so boring haven’t we? The truth is-boring and safe get along.

Sometimes, appearances are sacrificed in the service of functionality. Doorjambs, metal or wooden doors or your regular ceilings can be easily damaged by moisture, so you need to replace them with withstanding materials (ceramics, high-gloss paint, enamel, glass, acrylic, etc). Don’t forget that in such way you will also ensure safety and warmth. You want to have one of the coolest indoor pools, but it must also be practical.

Once you’re done with the technical part, think about the appearance and comfort of the pool. Sometimes, these can be the decisive criteria for people thinking whether to use it. So, be brave and experiment.

Think about all the cool stuff you do around it (parties, dining, or table tennis) or look at pictures of indoor pools online, and think whether creative details (waterfalls, fountains, etc) could contribute to the joyful experience. We assure you you’ll love your pool even before it is made.

Could your pool in fact be a tiny river wrapping around the dining area? Could your waterfall flow from one floor to the other? Could you paint it in more than one color? The answer will always be: Yes, you can!

Recreational indoor swimming pools give you absolute freedom to experiment and to employ the exact style you want, either related to your existent design, or a completely new one. A pool made for fun and entertainment could be a worthless investment, if made to appear boring and unattractive.

The proper lighting in the walls and ceilings create a romantic mood in this indoor pool.

Umbug jug

The glass windows and glass door adds more elegance in this space where the client can view the beautiful spot while enjoying the pool.

The glass windows and glass door adds more elegance in this space where the client can view the beautiful spot while enjoying the pool.

Ascott International

Different dimensions, shapes and size can be seen in this indoor pool where there is a great balance.

This swimming pool is enclosed to maintain the neatness and cleanliness of the surroundings.

This green pool gives the users the feeling of swimming in an area near nature.

Even in the living area the designer installed the indoor lap pool for they can dive in whenever they like.

A pool right outside the bedroom is indeed very desirable!

The green plants maintain the balance of nature inside this indoor pool area.

The skylights provide more natural light to this indoor pool.

A large pool with pillars and some lamp wall decors that look totally stunning.

A nice design and colorful look can enhance the beauty of this wonderful area of your house. Also, ensure that the swimmers are comfortable while entering and leaving the pool. The indoor swimming pool design below is spacious enough providing the swimmers with sufficient space to swim, have fun and relax right at the comfort of the home.

An indoor swimming pool that complements your Texas ranch house plans would be loved by every house owner. A proper design plan can make this area of your house not look disjointed from rest of your house. So, it is very important that the designer you choose should understand the importance of aesthetically pleasing structure.

It is advisable to incorporate folding doors, a retractable roof or other options that can make your indoor swimming pool appear to be more connected to the outdoors. This can make your indoor pool mesh well with its outdoor surroundings that can give it a pleasant atmosphere even in warm weather.

The pool structure should be an extension of rest of your house. But one should always keep in mind that compromising with the quality of materials used for this space can invite accidents. You can design the look of this area with the overall look of the house to give it more attractive look just like in the indoor swimming pool design below, the whole area looks spectacular with a rough floor that helps in controlling any accidents that may arise due to slippery floor.

If you find the traditional rectangular shape of the pool to be boring and uninspiring, you can opt for a circular or oval shape. You can get a design professional who can give you out of the box ideas that can give a unique and fantastic feel to your indoor swimming pool. Some simple ideas can turn your simple ranch house to a beautiful and lavishing house with an interesting pool area.

The lights in the wood ceiling emphasize the straight percentage of the pool. From this vantage we can glimpse the hallway to the right of the plaster wall that gives accessibility to the changing rooms, a small kitchen location as well as a Japanese bath residence. The infinity side pool fulfills the sedimentary rock floor covering beyond the teak deck.

The swimming pool sizes are about 8×8 as well as 5×13. The glass ceramic tile used in the pool was a unique ceramic tile the proprietors located overseas, while the sidewalk is red cedar plank. The walls surrounding the pools are a split face rock ceramic tile.


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