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Every woman’s dream is to have a separate room arranged by her taste, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and all the little things that are part of her fashion expression. In his perfect wardrobe, women should feel like a queen. But in the modern living and small apartments we don’t always have space for big dressing room.

Don’t be disappointed. In the article below we present you 20 small dressing room ideas that will help you to get corner of your dreams

dressing room design ideas

This designer is known for her white and ivory interiors, and the dressing room (in her own home) is no exception. White-painted cabinets with glass-front doors, soft neutral carpet, ample natural light, and open racks make getting dressed a pleasure. And the clothes themselves add pops of color to the room. A practical touch: An antique stool offers a gracious place to rest.

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In this master bath, a wall of custom-designed closets and drawers eliminates the need for a separate dressing room. Space for the homeowners’ hanging clothes balances with sleek drawers holding folded ones. Design details add a sense of calm. The soft blue finish is accented with cream-color details that complement the Turkish marble floor and countertops. For added elegance, the X-shape details in the handcrafted cabinetry reflect a French motif.

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If there is any room that needs to be well organized, it’s the kitchen. But here, it was a kitchen’s arched cabinets—the style, not the way contents were arranged—that influenced the closet design. Open storage makes it easy to find what you need. A neutral palette and the repetition of arched openings add a soothing sense of order. A pretty chandelier softens the room’s masculine energy. The doorway is framed with stately shutters found in France. A practical touch: A stepladder makes it easy to reach accessories found on high shelves.

dressing room design for small space

This homeowner’s closet includes showcase-quality space for his Louis Vuitton luggage—front and center amidst a carefully organized collection of shoes. Below the luggage, a tower of drawers offers convenient storage for socks, ties, and maybe even a travel brochure or two.

dressing room designs india

Once this small room had the worst view in the apartment; then it was transformed into a glamorous dressing room. Now an oversize mirror shows how beautiful life can be when a customized closet system accommodates rods for hanging clothes, a room-spanning shelf for accessories, and cabinets with glass-front doors so you can keep tabs on what’s stored inside. The bench is important, too:  not just because it’s beautiful, but because it’s practical if you need a spot to sit when packing for a trip or slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choos.

dressing room design in pakistan

Nate Berkus takes his shoe collection seriously, which is why he created a dedicated space for it, which he told Elle Decor he thinks represents the height of luxury (we agree!).

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When it comes to boutique design, less is certainly more as seen in Lisa Adams’ closet. That way, you can actually see what you own.

dressing room almirah design

You know you have an over-the-top closet when you can (and have!) thrown parties in it, which is precisely the case for this three-story-tall, 3,000-square-foot mammoth.

dressing room designs in the home

This closet makeover uses every inch of available space well. You can see everything that is stored here, all the hangers match and are appropriate for the types of clothes and it mixes 3 different height hanging areas. This is a great customized space.

My favorite thing about this closet is that they used every inch of space all the way to the ceiling and added a built in shoe shelf in a small area, too small for hanging clothes. Also the use of baskets and bins gives everything a neat, tidy look.

amazing dressing room design

Another great use of an underutilized corner. Adding simple wire shelves makes this space more useful than if you used it for hanging items. You don’t have to even have a closet to have a fabulous place to hang your clothes. This small apartment dweller took a few feet at the end of the bedroom to create an ultimate closet makeover. It’s even pretty to look at.

Whether it’s compact or capacious, bespoke storage is a great way of optimising a dressing room as well as making the most of an awkward-shaped space or uneven walls. Narrow niches can be utilised for tie, belt and scarf racks, and shelves spaced out to avoid piles of creased clothes. Internal storage organisers will allow you to separate drawers so you can house more than one type of item together.

Footwear takes up less depth than the hanging space required for clothes, so they can fit into a shallow cabinet or reduced-depth shelving. A narrow niche or awkward corner makes the ideal spot for bespoke shoe shelves. Include some seating nearby, so you can easily try on different pairs.

A sleek bank of built-in wardrobes is ideal for maximising the feeling of space, while keeping everything in place and hidden away. Use the same neutral paint shade on furniture and walls in a velvety matt finish to create a wraparound effect that reflects light without appearing stark, then add concealed hinges, elegant hardware, a pared-back pendant and comfy seating to complete the look.

For a mix-and-match vibe that looks as if it’s taken years to put together, use contemporary fabrics and wallpapers alongside classic prints, traditional-patterned rugs and classic upholstery. Blending old and new elements will help prevent the space from feeling too contrived.

By decorating doors with a pattern or trompe l’oeil-effect covering, you can tick two trend boxes in one – beautiful storage with a statement surface. Recessing cupboards into the walls will amplify the effect further, with only handles to give them away. Another option is choosing a handleless opening for a seamlessly hidden bank of units.

designing a dressing room

If adding an armoire to your bedroom isn’t enough for your clothing collection, repurpose a corner in your bedroom by hanging a shower-curtain rod and luxurious drapes from floor to ceiling. It’s the perfect place to hide a wealth of wire storage baskets and rods. Simply close the draperies and no one knows you’ve just created a closet.

bathroom and dressing room design

Incorporate cubbyholes for foolproof shoe storage, and install an extension valet to hang tomorrow’s outfit or for handy pullout hanging space.

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